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Sleek and streamlined, this leather wallet bag is both superhandy (the divided compartments are big enough for an iPhone Plus) and supercool (the adjustable chain strap can be worn crossbody or doubled up as a top handle). Functional and fuss-free-this is the way we do a going-out purse. Made of semi vegetable-tanned leather with a softly worn waxed finish that deepens into a distinctive patina. Please note: As it is made of a natural material, each bag varies slightly in texture and color. Stud closure. Slip pocket.

for OTT, Multiscreen Traditional Linear TV

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This documentation is for Dovecot v2.x , see wiki1 for v1.x documentation.

You can use special variables in several places:

The variables that work (almost) everywhere are:

These variables work almost everywhere else except in Dovecot-auth (userdb queries/templates):

These variables work only in Dovecot-auth and setting:

These variables work only in Dovecot-auth:

These variables work only in setting:

These variables work only in setting:


You can apply a modifiers for each variable (e.g. %Us = POP3):

You can take a substring of the variable by giving optional offset followed by '.' and width after the '%' character. For example %2u gives first two characters of the username. %2.1u gives third character of the username.

If the offset is negative, it counts from the end, for example %-2.2i gives the UID mod 100 (last two characters of the UID printed in a string). If a positive offset points outside the value, empty string is returned, if a negative offset does then the string is taken from the start.

If the width is prefixed with zero, the string isn't truncated, but only padded with '0' character if the string is shorter. For example %04i may return "0001", "1000" and "12345". %1.04i for the same string would return "001", "000" and "2345".

If the width is negative, it counts from the end, for example %0.-2u gives all but the last two characters from the username. (v2.2.13+)

The modifiers are applied from left-to-right order, except the substring is always taken from the final string.


Since v2.2.33 it's possible to use conditionals in variable expansion. The generic syntax is

Each field can contain another variable expansion, facilitating for nested ifs. If some field refers to another field, it must use either %v or %{value} syntax.

Escaping is supported, so one can have values like \%{value} that will not get expanded, or literal : and ; in the expression.

Spaces and quotes are fully supported.

Following operators are supported

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and passwd-file userdb template strings

and userdb query strings

Plugin settings

Long variable names can be used like or with L modifier: .

Environment variables can be accessed with .

Additionally, the (self-explanatory) variables and are available.

%{<hash algorithm>;rounds=<n>,truncate=<bits>,salt=s,format=<hex|hexuc|base64>:field} - Generic hash function that outputs a hex (by default) or base64 value. Hash algorithm is any of the supported ones, e.g. md5, sha1, sha256. Also "pkcs5" is supported using SHA256. For example: %{sha256:user} or %{md5;truncate=32:user}. (v2.2.27+)

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Mr Jack Green is from Borroloola. He is a Senior Cultural Advisor to the Garawa and Waanyi/Garawa Ranger programs in the Gulf region of the Northern Territory. He is a member of the Borroloola Aboriginal Peoples and has contributed significantly to Aboriginal community-based development programs in remote regions of Australia. Mr Green is a strong supporter of the maintenance of Aboriginal connection to the land.

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Deputy Chairman Valerie Martin

Ms Martin is a Warlpiri woman from Yuendumu. She is a member of the Board of the Warlpiri Youth Development Aboriginal Corporation and was recently been elected to the Central Land Council Aboriginal Benefit Account Advisory Committee.

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Mr Philip Wilyuka is a Pitjanjatjara/Yankunytjatjara man from the community of Titjikala. Mr Wilyuka currently works as a Lutheran pastor at Titjikala and has been involved with the Central Land Council (CLC) for many years. In 2012-2013 he served as Chair of the CLC and acts as a CLC member for the Alice Springs Region. In April 2016 Mr Wilyuka was elected by the CLC for the Aboriginal Benefit Account (ABA) Advisory Committee. In this new role he will be provide valuable cultural and local advice to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs on applications seeking ABA beneficial grant funding.

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Ms Granites is a highly respected senior Walpiri woman Yuendumu. She has been a member of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority Board since 2005. Ms Granites is well known for her knowledge in women’s law and culture and has worked closely with the Authority on many sacred site registrations and Authority Certificate consultations. She has worked as a health worker for many years and is a renowned artist in her community.

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Jenny Inmulugulu

Ms Jenny Inmulugulu is a senior woman and traditional owner of Warruwi on South Goulburn Island. She has been a member of the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority since 2006 and served as Deputy Chair on the Board from 2008-2012. Ms Inmulugulu is a senior woman for her clan and a strong advocate for her community and the Northern Land Council’s regional council. She has been involved in numerous projects for her community including the Warruwi Aquaculture Development Project as a Senior Arrrapi Cultural Consultant.

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Phillip Mamarika

Mr Phillip Mamarika is a respected elder of the Mamarika Clan of Umbakumba Groote Eylandt. He currently works full time as a Senior Ranger with the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers, providing on the ground leadership and mentorship to five junior male rangers and five non-Indigenous staff in respect of traditional land and sea country. Mr Mamarika represents the Anindilyakwa Land and Sea Rangers at the Anindilyakwa Indigenous Protected Area Advisory Committee and the Learning on Country Steering Committee. His role also extends to general community liaison and is a strong conduit between the Land and Sea Rangers and the Anindilyakwa Land Council Head Office.

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